The Gift And The Fight

I try and I try and I try… and, I do get some satisfaction in life. 🙂 It mainly comes from knowing that my life (and life in general) is a gift! There is a lot of difficulty that comes with living, but I work hard personally to be able to participate in those little […]

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Where Would You Be…?

Where do you suppose you would be, had you not become ill? I think the question is interesting, because I really was heading downhill and quick like when I became full-blown ill. What I know now is that had I been able to tolerate antipsychotics earlier on in the treatment process, I might be a […]

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New “About” Page

I thought it was fitting to update my about page, now that I’ve been an active blogger for one year. I hope all of you are doing okay. I know it’s a bumpy ride. I sometimes feel as though I’ve had as much as I can take, and then… then… something happens, and I get […]

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My Antipsychotic Reduction

I am going through a 1/3 strength reduction of my antipsychotic medication. It’s been more of a challenge these past two months, and that is entirely due to the fact that I have less of this main medication in my system. What it’s teaching me is that I have to learn new and better coping […]

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An Update On My Mental Health

I am currently dealing with my schizoaffective disorder by taking 33% less of my antipsychotic. My doctor and I are working together on this medication reduction, and I do feel a hint of more energy – 33% more – which means that I can do 1-2 more things a day on a ‘good’ day. It’s […]

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