My Poem Book Is Complimentary And Is Now Available!

Good morning, fellow bloggers! 🙂

Available (and, complimentary to my readers) as of November 15, 2020…

Here Until I’m Gone: 40 Poems About Trauma, Illness, And The Inevitability Of Death” by Mio Angelo.

Check it out here…

And, if you’re so inclined…

Please leave a comment about the content in the comments section!

Reviews are welcome as well…

Thanks so much for ALL of your support!

—Mio Angelo

My 225th Post & Now Allowing Search Engines To Index My Site

This is my 225th post! It’s been a fun journey and YAY! 😛

Also, I am posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (with the occasional post in-between) these days.

And, whenever possible, I like to practice better self-awareness. It’s far from easy, but it helps when you’re “in the know.”

So, I purposely have kept my site from being indexed by search engines, due to some real, but predominately irrational fears—fears associated with my schizoaffective disorder.

Things are not perfect still (and, never will be), but I have elected to have my site appear on the web properly. My site: will be indexable by search engines by week’s end!

Most of my current readers will not notice any difference, but I will, so… one day at a time.

Thanks for your participation on my blog, and have a great day/night! 🙂

“The Fight For Insight” (Educational Booklet) Is Available For Immediate Download!

I have a complimentary booklet available for immediate access on the site.

Not to be confused with the two books that I’ve previously written (that were also reviewed), this is “just” a booklet!

“The Fight For Insight: A Look Into One Human’s Every Day Mental Health Challenges” (An Educational Booklet) is complimentary and is available as of April 27, 2020.

Again, this is not a book in anyway… but it is eight pages of information that some may find interesting/helpful…

Thanks and have a wonderful day/night! 🙂

Book Review: Anecdotes on Volunteering

Anecdotes on Volunteering is a short book written by Mio Angelo of Mentally Ill in America that looks at how schizoaffective disorder has interfered with his desire to volunteer or work.  The anecdotes are in relation to volunteering rather than stories of volunteer experience. At one point, Mio describes the book as one big therapy … Continue reading Book Review: Anecdotes on Volunteering

Source: Book Review: Anecdotes on Volunteering

I Released My Second Book Today!

Greetings Fellow Bloggers! 🙂

I just completed my second book—“Anecdotes On Volunteering.” It contains 3,500 words and is available April 19, 2020! It deals with reflections on some of my experiences with chronic mental illness.

Also available is my first book—“Good Days and Bad Days: I Don’t Have To Like It, I Just Have To Live With It.” It contains 12,500 words and has been available since March 26, 2020! It is the story of my life (thus far).

Ashley from Mental Health @ Home reviewed “Good Days And Bad Days.”

She also reviewed “Anecdotes On Volunteering.”

ALL of my books are complimentary and are available upon request!

Please email your requests to chilloutmusicproducer (at) gmail (dot) com.

—Mio Angelo

Book Review: Good Days and Bad Days

Good Days and Bad Days: I Don’t Have To Like It, I Just Have To Live With It is a book about living with schizoaffective disorder, written by Mio Angelo of Mentally Ill in America.  He’s offering it for free; just contact him via his blog. His determination is quickly apparent in such statements as: … Continue reading Book Review: Good Days and Bad Days

Source: Book Review: Good Days and Bad Days

To All My Followers

“Good Days And Bad Days: I Don’t Have To Like It, I Just Have To Live With It” is the story of my life (thus far).

It has 12,500 words, and was downloaded over 50 times in 5 days.

Considering I’m only at 80 followers right now, who are these people downloading my book?!

If you downloaded it (and read it), kindly let me know what you think of it!

Please email chilloutmusicproducer (at) gmail (dot) com for feedback, questions, or to receive your own complimentary copy.

Thanks and have a great day!