Much Of The Social Media Positivity Out There Is BS

As someone who has worked on themselves for 25 years, I can tell you that, a lot of this social media positivity, is bullshit.

I am better at spotting it than I used to be.

I am better at following things that do matter.

One day at a time and I try to have some semblance of peace, of happiness.

It’s not easy, but I persist nonetheless.

Something that helps to keep me going is that I know I’ll die anyway someday. And, I may as well do all I can while I am here!

What keeps you going in life?

Had I Not Found This Community…

I might not have realized the extent of trauma or suffering that I experienced as a child.

The importance of this is to heal those wounds, even as some of them were previously repressed.

There are no easy answers to overcoming certain situations in life, especially when one’s illness continues to be “front and center.”

For me, I focus on the notion of “growth…” and, that’s all I plan to do!

What has this community done for you?

When You Think Someone Is Plotting Against You

It happens and I hate it.

There seemed to be an element of doubt where some of my former friendships were concerned.

And, just to be transparent…

I have written off my extended family. An extreme measure for some, but for me, a necessary act!

No one in the family dynamic understands healthy relationships that I can see, and their relationships with me have all been quite unstable.

A few friends are gone as well.

This is not a bad thing, but it is a necessary thing.

BTW – I want to plug medications (and, specifically trying different ones)… they are what make the difference for me!

I don’t know where I’d be without them!

Actually, I do know…

I’d be in jail, a psych hospital/home, or in a grave.

How about you? What have your meds done for your illness?

Trying Not To Let My Delusions Overwhelm Me

First off, I am interested in reducing a certain amount of “comfortability,” so that I may grow more. I.e. Expand my limitations a bit.

More to come on this in another post! 🙂

Secondly, I guess what I am really wanting to talk about, is that the world is “breaking” a little more every day, and that when the dust clears, I will have “broken” a little more as well!

I don’t want that and these are my delusions! Paranoia is my biggest delusion.

So, I am doing my best to “get through” and move forward (that’s all any of us can do)!

And, that said…

What sorts of ongoing concerns/fears do you have, that you find to be disruptive to your life?