Where Would You Be…?

Where do you suppose you would be, had you not become ill? I think the question is interesting, because I really was heading downhill and quick like when I became full-blown ill. What I know now is that had I been able to tolerate antipsychotics earlier on in the treatment process, I might be a […]

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You Are Who You Are

Recently, I was interacting with a post from a well known company on social media. The post took a shot at persons with schizophrenia. It was up for about 30 minutes (at the most), because I publicly called them out! In that time, there were dozens of “shares,” plus a comment by someone who didn’t […]

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The Last Day / Night (A Poem)

It is here,The last day/night,For a long time,Maybe forever.I can and will be triumphant!And, is it just me, but no matter how difficult things are,I know that life is a gift!A blessing from somewhere or nowhere!Who knows?In any event, I’ll do my best to succeed,At whatever “I” am able to succeed at!

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As Good As It Gets (A Poem)

For me, it matters that I try.But, even trying will only get me so far!I easily become tired.I have very little energy to do things.I guess this is my life!This is the prize I’ve won!Wonderful, right?I’m the winner of a great life now!And, I’ll let you in on a little secret.It doesn’t get any better […]

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A Few Good Hours (A Poem)

This is where I am at.I want to have a better quality of life, while alive.How do I do that?“Do the work and still die,” is the best I have come up with.And, this is quite my reality. It’s quite a lot of other people’s reality too!It takes everything I have, just to recognize the […]

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Nobody Can Deny (A Poem)

A light.At the end of this tunnel.Freedom.Within my reach.Spreading good vibes.Everywhere.A life worth so much more than this!How will I make it?My destiny!My chosen path!I go at this somewhat alone.Maintaining a sense of calm.With a life.That is dull but not empty.With a life.That is broken but not lost.Preceded by a sense of happiness.Which nobody can […]

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A Reconciliation Of Faith (A Poem)

Faith is available!When you are open to it (or seek it).Unfortunately, faith is muddied!For me, faith is not what mainstream people say it is.It is highly personal and tailored to my own steadfast interpretation!Few churches could ever get that right!Especially when politics are infused with mainstream!I grow by my own persistence.

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I Still Want To Live

I would like to feel vibrant again! I would like to know that I am living my life! I don’t get anything resembling a feeling that I am vibrant, though, nor that I am living my life! I really don’t want to sound like I am complaining. But, maybe I am… I’ve come a long […]

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I Want To Cry (A Poem)

Let the tears come.Let them roll down my face.I want to cry.Badly.I want to let all the pain and struggle out!Just for today!Get it out.Let it be done.Gone.And, let me start all over!With a fresh perspective perhaps!One that will make this difficult life seem easier.Just for today!Let it all be better!

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