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Try To Live (A Poem)

Something happened and now I am not living.Not that I was living before. Well, I was. Sort of…Which is what makes this hard!As soon as medication was introduced into my life, everything changed.And so, the long road to accepting a … Continue Reading Try To Live (A Poem)

I Am Working On A Poem Book

It is tentatively being called… “Here Until I’m Gone: Poems About Trauma, Illness, And The Inevitability Of Death” by Mio Angelo. It will be available soon, and will be complimentary to readers of my blog.

Feelings (A Poem)

When I slow down, breathe deeply, and relax,I feel as though I will always be where I am at!When does the anxiety go away?When do the voices subside?When does the paranoia disappear?When does the depression wane? I want another shot … Continue Reading Feelings (A Poem)