Misguided Optimism?

While I am becoming more of a realist, my hope, when I go through something difficult (not necessarily illness-based), is that I’ve reached the end of my suffering.

This is why I have such a hard time with hope!

If we all knew that there are even more difficult situations ahead of us (and, really knew it), we might be a little more pessimistic.

I know that any potential optimism I have, is not necessarily some kind of hope that I experience, but it is a lot like my belief in a higher power.

They’re both a test in patience for me!

If I were to permanently lose this optimism in hope and optimism in a higher power, there would probably be a period of intense challenge going on.

And, I don’t know where the chips would end up to be honest.

Do you have situations in your life where a change would make the results largely “unknowable?” Or, is that just life “in general?”