Where Would You Be…?

Where do you suppose you would be, had you not become ill? I think the question is interesting, because I really was heading downhill and quick like when I became full-blown ill. What I know now is that had I been able to tolerate antipsychotics earlier on in the treatment process, I might be a […]

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You Are Who You Are

Recently, I was interacting with a post from a well known company on social media. The post took a shot at persons with schizophrenia. It was up for about 30 minutes (at the most), because I publicly called them out! In that time, there were dozens of “shares,” plus a comment by someone who didn’t […]

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The Medication Adjustment

What I strongly dislike about my situation: I didn’t do anything to create it, I have to live with it, and it cannot be fixed! Now, I am sure we all have things to bitch about… but, a mind that never heals? How does one remedy that? It’s not the same as having a condition […]

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Do You “Fake” Being Well?

There is a real problem in mental health, when we are judged by how well we present ourselves “publicly.” There is an agenda, that those who “recover,” get the spotlight, over those who, in simple terms, have not recovered. Therefore, perhaps there is some “standard” of recovery after all! And, that has to do with […]

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