Meticulously Living An Honest Life

This is not about mental illness, or maybe it is.

But no, it’s not. Trauma maybe.

And, while I’m at it, living honestly, doesn’t make your mental illness go away!

I am not sure what prizes sharing any of this wins me. And, I am also not sure as to whether I’d want them.

So, we’ll go with no prizes.

The more open-minded, more aware, more “awake” one is, you can’t help but notice that we are fighting a war against the anti-intellectuals of our time. And, it’s probably not going to end well!

Here in the United States, the conservatives are mad at everything, and the liberals are too!

However, the liberals aim to focus their anger in constructive ways.

The liberals use science and reasoning (intellectualism) to make their way through life, which conservatives could give a rat’s ass about those things. They’ve got “god” and conspiracies, and they’re pissed!

Because after all, the conservatives are the chosen one’s doing “god’s” work!

The whole thing sucks! And I just wish more people had insight, and knew the consequences of their actions!

We make everything so political/about religion, and politics suck, and so do politicians!

For me, it’s that you have to (wisely) pick the lesser of two evils.

And, if you look at things from a purely decency/human rights perspective in 2021, that should be easy.

How The Search For Truth Once Hurt Me, But No Longer Causes Me Emotional Pain

I seemed like the “normal” returning college student.

I was a bit on the nerdy side, I wanted to get my education, and I wanted to have fun!

Since I had Psychosis NOS, I tended to make some bad decisions regarding alcohol (primarily), which was really me self-medicating!

I drank one to three times a week, and did not have any psychiatric medication, nor a residing understanding that I wasn’t well!

Anyway, prior to my slipping back into psychosis, I said a lot of intelligent things in a variety of venues (after all, I studied Psychology and Philosophy).

I realize today, that my banter, which captured the attention of a lot of my family and some friends, was mainly psychobabble.

I learned this, through hearing stories of professors, lecturers, academic people in general, who held high achievements in academia.

So, this is all in retrospect, but my “going deeper” with my search for truth, has hurt me and has caused me a lot of emotional pain.

The hurt and pain has to do with my having endured a lot of Christian teachings, but also having been introduced to logic and reasoning as well!

Thus, in my case, a compromise was needed.

What I know…

Sometimes, I believe in a higher power and sometimes I don’t.

There is no proof of any god.

What I decided…

Since I am inclined to believe in my god, Jesus Christ, I do so, knowing that it may ultimately be untrue.

After all, I waver. Plus, there is no proof of any god, from Zeus to Jesus (and every god in-between).

I will avoid evangelicalism in my pursuit of “doing the right thing for me.”

So, again, my position is a compromise. And, I am satisfied operating from the belief that I will a) follow my religion’s teachings. But b) that I can never know whether any of them are actually true!

What are your conjectures regarding a god or the gods? How certain are you, that you are correct in your assertions?

Finding Meaning In The World Today

I don’t care what religion (or non-religion) it is you practice, but in America… Christianity (for example)… is tied eerily closely to the right!

For that reason, it has become increasingly difficult for me to understand why! Just, why!

Why do I believe?

Why are displays of “Christianity” becoming so ridiculous beyond measure?

It ultimately makes me question the process of finding meaning (through religion) in the world today!

I am educated on many religions, and I understand the hold that the right has on Christianity.

I also understand how mixing politics with religion is not only dirty, but it’s the only way the Republicans can exist today!

At least it was before the current president…

Everything has now become a free for all!

The whole thing cheapens what religion stands for, when it’s so closely combined with politics.

All I am left with is that mainstream Christianity’s following is all the same.

Fine for you maybe… but, far from fine for me!

For me personally… the only way I can operate is to believe in something that’s not really supported!

And, what I mean by this is… I believe in Jesus, and what Jesus stood for!

But, my interpretation of the Bible may not be the same as yours!

Whether any god is real or true or has ever existed, means less to me than the movements that attempt (and, do an effective job) at turning me away from my belief in the Christian god.

It’s all just so discouraging for those who want to follow an institution of value.

Do you have any thoughts on what’s happening in the U.S. with regards to Christianity (or any religion for that matter)? And, how are politics and religion intertwined where you live?

Using My Words To Help People

“Don’t ever underestimate the impact that you may have on someone else’s life.” — Anonymous

I couldn’t do what I am doing, with the writing, the blog, and the social media… if I wasn’t at least “somewhat” functional.

Also, how could I work a job, and not expect to find myself in the hospital every six months?

I am not well!

I have a number of persistent symptoms, and my blogging is sustainable (at least for now).

I can forget about even volunteering, which I can’t do anyhow (and, hopefully help somebody with my words).

Using big and helpful words are everything! For me. And, while I love to help people with my words, I know that not everyone has a rich vocabulary!

So, how do you personally use your words to make people feel good (in real life and on the blog)?

The Case For (And Against) Religious Conviction

Sorry, but the title should read, “The Case For (And Against) Being Spiritual.”

That said, I believe in a higher power. And, I’ll admit it, to some, it makes little sense.

But, I do!

And, I do because it “grounds me,” and make me feel like life is more manageable.

It also helps me to occasionally dream of a better life—one that escapes me (to some degree).

Yes, it is illogical in a number of respects.

So, I do see why many people do not have religious convictions (or spiritual beliefs rather).

But, I’d like to know more if you’ll share.

Can you live well without spirituality? Or, what does spirituality look like for you?

How Spirituality (Not Religion) Helps Me Cope With Schizoaffective Disorder

I feel a tad bit silly writing this amid doubts and concerns about all religions, but here goes…

It took me a number of years to find my way back to the religion I was raised with… Christianity.

By the time I was reintroduced to Christianity, I had experienced enough “hell,” that I could only see life as a spiritual (but not quite religious) person.

I have chosen to follow Jesus Christ, and I realize that religion rubs a lot of people the wrong way; but, I am not trying to change anyone’s mind about it either.

I am simply stating that I have noticed quite a bit of improvement in my life as a Liberal Christian.

I can’t explain it very well, but I don’t worry as much about the things I cannot change. I still worry, just a little less…

I also have doubts, which will likely stay with me for quite awhile.

Anyway, this is just to let you know that there are alternatives to being a part of a religion. Hey, you could be spiritual! 🙂

And, you can do it with or without Jesus!

I am sure that Jesus doesn’t mind which path you take in life, as long as you are a good person and are true to yourself…

Anyway, what are the crux of your beliefs in life? How do you cope existentially?

I Am A Christian Because…

  • Christianity, in general, gives me hope.
  • I look towards Jesus as an example of how one might strive to be.
  • The stories in the New Testament especially, are lessons for everyone!
  • I choose a different (liberal) approach to my religious views because that is what is demanded of me in 2020.
  • Contemporary Christian music lifts me up!
  • Q – What do I lose by believing in something that helps me (and countless others)? A – Nothing. In fact, I might even gain something.
  • I view God’s love as the “perfect” love.

Religion And Mental Illness (A Tired Old Topic)

I’ve heard it said, that when you spew “love” you might be mentally ill.

Well, I guess you’ve figured me out!

After all, my blog name is enough to out me right there.

So, what is this notion that “religious people are mentally ill?”

The two are independent of one another. This I know.

And, it’s unfortunate that people will stir the pot in an effort to make everyone have to defend themselves.

I am in a particularly bad position, because I have a rather serious mental illness.

Oh well, I’ll just occupy this space right here (and not worry about what others are thinking).

Higher Powers And People You Can Count On

In terms of closeness and people I can count on, I have a higher power, my wife, my wife’s family, my mom, and a few close friends. And, I wonder how many of you have a higher power/family/friends that you can count on as well?

I am middle-aged, and as I am dealing with chronic mental illness, I really don’t like to bother anyone who hasn’t been with me throughout my struggles, with the exception of my wife. She works in the medical field and understands mental illness.

So, I guess you could say I have a support system, which I do. And that, it is a pretty good one, which it is.

Any how, I am also aware that many people do not have others that they too, can count on. To you or them (or anyone for that matter), I hope that you can find hope and love in something or someone that you find valuable.