Hope With The Schizophrenia Disorders

I would like to streamline my life more.

I want to, but I can’t.

At least not now.

I try to make my life easier by napping when I need a rest, because that’s what feels good to me.

I know that’s not the advice that everyone here would give, but my symptoms become worse the harder I push myself.

I hate the position I am in.

I’d like to have a set schedule.

I’m at least trying to have a daily checklist.

I keep trying, because I want to be as good as I possibly can.

And, I am reminded that it’s the medications that aren’t all working, that make things way more difficult than what they need to be.

From what I hear… from what I’m told… there is hope with the schizophrenia disorders.

I believe that, and wish more progress for myself amidst this information.

How do you feel about getting along when the medication doesn’t quite work as it should? What kinds of standards have you set when your meds aren’t doing the job you’d like them to? What kinds of day to day standards have you set in general?

Just How Hard It Is To Do My Chores

Because I am generally tired from the start of my day until it ends, I have quite a time doing basic chores.

The recurring task of putting away the dishes (for instance) usually takes 5 minutes, and that’s hard for me to do!

Getting this chore done is something I must do to pull my weight, and I get it done one way or another most days.

Not always at the same time every day, but I eventually get the dish washer unloaded!

Do you have a challenging time with household chores? What kinds of strategies do you employ to make things easier for you in this area?

Blogging Helps Me, Even When I Can’t Help Myself

I like to think about the items I can do to make my road easier.

And, I am still confused about the processes of many things.

For instance, I now know that a checklist helps me.

…When I have the energy to follow one!

In one way or another, I am convinced of my checklist’s effectiveness.

Again, when I’m following it.

What are some things you do that are helpful, but that you can’t always follow through on?

Confusion Is A Bigger Problem Than I Want To Admit

I am confused a lot.

I press on, because that’s what I need to do for me, but I am oftentimes, left trying to make sense of just about everything!

Admittedly, I am not “connecting the dots” like I used to. That was hell!

It’s still there, but it’s not as prevalent as it once was…

What’s more troubling now is the stress I am under every day!

To the onlooker, they wouldn’t understand, but to me, I know what my difficulties are and they rarely letup…

I try and sleep overnight (it is hard), so that I can at least make myself available to My Daily Checklist.

It gets tweaked fairly frequently, all in an effort to get a few extra boxes checked off daily!

In reality, I have way more boxes not being checked, but I am trying.

That’s all I can do. Really and truly. 🙂

Back to lists and schedules: What are your most effective strategies to working through them?

Four Ideas That I Find Helpful, Part One

A schedule / checklist / to do list / etc.

I’ve written about this before, but awhile back, I was on “the Mighty” (a mental health site, that I am 50/50 on whether I still like).

There, I interact with several people with mental illnesses, asking questions and responding in kind.

One day, I think I asked a variant of the question, “what has been the most important component to your successfully managing severe mental illness?”

Of all the responses I got, I enjoyed the one that highlighted having a schedule!

For me, I already know that I can’t just summon up the energy required to experience a full day of activity.

I just cannot!

So, a few months ago, I said to myself, “What can I do?”

And, that started my working on all the things in a day, that I would love to do if the energy was there.

Hence, the schedule!

It is still evolving and right now it is a checklist of things I can do in and around my home, and I found that just having these items somewhere accessible (whether I got to them or not), has proven helpful to me!

In order for me to even do a third of the items (and have the energy to follow through), I need to sleep 8-9 hours… first and period!

Restful sleep is so very important!!!

What sorts of things do you do daily, that make you feel better?

Redefining “Good” Again

Let’s poll the experts—the people living with severe mental illness.

How can I return to a place of “better” functioning? Is it even “possible?” How can I get back to “good?”

I don’t know that I can do that to be honest!

For me, it’s about highlighting what I can do! It’s about finding what works for me, and expanding upon that!

And, for the record, I believe we can learn from everyone (as everybody has something to teach us).

Just today, I think I learned something of value, regarding my lists: calendars, to-do items, and schedules.

This (at least I am trying it on for size):

I have 1) A CALENDAR for appointments. 2) A TO DO list of projects I sometimes get done in a day (and sometimes not). 3) A SCHEDULE of recurring items that I now break into “easy” and “difficult.”

Now, this approach will only mean something if it’s “implemented,” and if I celebrate my accomplishments along the way!

Is all of this list “completion” just wishful thinking? Can implementing these ideas, help in any way?

When consistency is the problem (and it is my problem), the short answer is, “we’ll see.”

Life is damn difficult, mental illness is even more difficult than that, and no one can live out our journey’s but us!

As always (no matter how cheesy it may sound), I take life one day at a time!

How about you? What kinds of things are you doing to stay on top of your mental health? Especially during COVID?

My Schedule / To Do List

Monday, I wrote a bit about my schedule/to do list.

It helps me to have some amount of organization in my life. And, I can feel that with having lists.

I rarely get everything done, and am working to feel better about that, but it’s very difficult! I want to feel good about what I accomplish vs. what I don’t, regardless of why!

I actually write a lot of things down and have numerous writings, all over the place.

Sometimes it helps, other times it doesn’t; and, it usually depends on me and my ability to focus.

Care to share what your schedules and to do lists look like? Or maybe more importantly, how you treat unfinished items on them (i.e. are you truly at peace with not having certain things done, or even everything done)?

Making A Schedule

I have “finalized” over 100 schedules in the past 20 years—none of which I’ve been able to stick with.

In the past month, I’ve made (and improved upon) my schedule a dozen times—thinking I was done with each carnation, at every interval.

No so!

I have learned, though that I get stubborn regarding this fact, that I have to work hard on everything that I do!

I work harder than what some people have to, just in order to churn out something “basic.”

And, just when I think I am done with something (i.e. schedule), I am usually proven wrong!

But, that’s okay…

I am a perfectionist, and I try to balance perfectionism with the notion, that I will give/get the most value out of something that I put the most work into!

Now, I don’t know if that makes any sense to the person who might be labeling me as a “perfectionist,” but…

That is my goal…

Are any of you perfectionists? In any case, how do YOU handle perfectionism?