Just Hold On: Thoughts About Support Systems

I am only beginning to come into my own again, where my support system is concerned.

The old system, meant that I had to endure a multitude of opinions about what matters or mattered (to my support people, rather than me), as the case was.

But, I can’t even begin to think of the old, old support system.

That was pretty much non-existent!

So, I think…

How would any of us get along without a support system intact?

I know, I didn’t. Not at all…

I just plain had breakdowns. And, they were awful!

So, always, always have yourself a support system… and, if it falls apart (like mine has these past several months), do your best to hold on!

The pieces may be coming together in a way that will only “help” you that much more!

Here is a link to the ways in which a support system helps.

With Love,


I Am Learning To Double And Triple Check Many Beliefs

I can’t always do this, but I have noticed (as many anxiety sufferers probably have) that many of the things I fear in life, are unfounded.

To elaborate, it is more than fear that I am talking about—it’s my delusions.

I have realized (through speaking to my wife about certain matters), that, if I give it a few days, it is quite possible that I’ll be wrong about something that had previously been troubling me.

For instance, let’s say that I believe that someone has it out for me, and that I can tell by their actions, that I am soon going to be a “victim.”

If I give it a day or two, the exact thought(s) or “delusions” that I experienced regarding said person, will usually come around again, accompanied with newfound knowledge, that I was “wrong” about my “assertion.”

Of course, I am embarrassed (I don’t need to be) when things do come back around, but I am learning to not be surprised either!

If I am going to worry about a plethora of things, some of them are “bound” to be off-the-wall untrue!



And, this is just a part of the hell of working through issues related to severe mental illness.

But, at least I am “trying.”

In fact, that is my new mantra—to at least “try!”

Am I at least “trying?”

I’ve always been someone who tries, but I haven’t always had that all-elusive awareness, which many times held me back!

What about you? Is a lack of awareness a problem for you? How do you get around it?