I Sometimes Take It Personally That There Are Crappy People Everywhere

First off, I overcompensate every day by having and honing decent social skills.

But, I am ill.

Secondly, my sleep is often disturbed, and I can’t get by most days, without one or two naps.

Again, I am ill.

Third, I dislike U.S. Capitalism, for it has hurt far more people than it has ever helped.

And, I’m doing better than many people in my shoes, from the standpoint that I understand the perils of U.S. Capitalism and how it destroys.

Do I like politics?

Emphatically, NO!

You have to dig deep, though, to understand how so many atrocities have come to be, in the name of U.S. Capitalism.

Unfortunately, I am not going to point most of those out to you.

But, I will say this:

This is not a black and white, one size fits all world, that we live in.

It is a global society though!

And, being transparent, present, and helpful in the ways that truly count, are very important!

Maturity is important.

Doing the right thing when no one is looking is important.

That said, success at aspects of one’s life is not a race.

We are not vying for some distant, ridiculous prize here.

This is about doing your best now, seeing the fruits of your labor as they present themselves now, and trying one more time any time you’re ready to quit.

Life is incredibly difficult, and a lot of people here on Earth are suffering. Things are not good in many ways.

What about you? Do you tell things like they are, for you and your situation? How do people respond to that?

I Struggle With My Social Media Accounts

Especially Facebook!

I do not like how there are so many people on there, who oppose me.

Where I live in the Midwestern United States, that’s to be expected…

My family and friends don’t get it, and I am rather sick of posting my ideas to idiots!

Since I am not able to volunteer or go to a regular job, meeting more openminded individuals, has escaped me.

Except on the Internet!

It makes me wonder if those who experience mental illness, just tend to be more open minded!

What are your thoughts and experiences with getting to know people who are more openminded?

I Can’t Hardly Take It

The chaos I am experiencing is immense.

I just want to lie down and have it all go away.

I am writing this here, as a way of expressing the strong dissatisfaction I have with the way we are politically and socially in the U.S., and because of how it all affects my mental illness.

I want life to be better… a whole lot smoother… so, if and when this happens, we can all be grateful!

Right now, the only things I have gratitude for, are the basics.

Maybe that’s all I can be happy about, but it’s not near enough!!!

Reminder To Self: Stay Off Of Facebook During Difficult Times

So, I’ve been having a difficult time lately.

I’ve posted about it here, and I’ve even taken to Facebook some (not to reach out, but to share mental health related posts).

And, you know what?

I am starting to really get it. Many people who don’t have mental health issues are in fact too busy to be bothered by ours.

Okay. Now I know, I guess.

It’s very sad, because people in general, can only see things from their point of view or perspective. They also often project, and that just furthers many people’s inability to see things for what they are.

Thus, naturally, I am trying to keep off of Facebook during rough times. It just doesn’t do me any good to be there.

Thanks for reading and please… when you VOTE next, do so in your own self-interest.