“Nothing (Remaster)” Plus A Free Private Streaming Of Some Of My Currently Unpublished Mental Health Songs

My mental health music is available now on Bandcamp!

I have two more songs coming in the next two weeks.

Today, I am releasing “Nothing (Remaster).”

If you would like to help out my endeavor by leaving a comment in the community section of Mental Health Music on Bandcamp, I will set you up with a free private streaming (in early September) of some of my currently unpublished songs.

My Bandcamp songs are typically $1 each (if you want to buy them). Otherwise, you can listen to each track up to (10) times for free!

Thanks for reading and I hope you‘ll have a listen! 🙂

My Three Favorite Solo Artists

I was into the music of Elton John as a young adult, and am now rediscovering him again.

Elton John does not disappoint!

He is on his farewell tour this year, but I don’t do concerts anymore.

Right along with Sir Elton John, I enjoy the music of Sarah McLachlan and that of Seal.

What makes these three artists so special?

Well, for me, it’s primarily their lyrics!

The stories they tell, aren’t always happy ones, but I find many of them to be relatable.

All in all, I give Elton John, Sarah McLachlan, and Seal 5/5 stars each!

I like lots of other musicians, but the aforementioned are my favorites.

Who are some of your favorite musicians and why do you like them?