May Is Mental Health Awareness Month

It seems there is still a lot of stigma around mental health. Even in 2022.

Everyone has mental health!

It is a spectrum.

The goal is to treat your mental health like you would anything else that requires your attention, medically speaking.

Mental health matters!

Perhaps more so than what many people ever realized.

Thanks for reading and please take care of your mental health, this month and every month.

I Struggle With My Social Media Accounts

Especially Facebook!

I do not like how there are so many people on there, who oppose me.

Where I live in the Midwestern United States, that’s to be expected…

My family and friends don’t get it, and I am rather sick of posting my ideas to idiots!

Since I am not able to volunteer or go to a regular job, meeting more openminded individuals, has escaped me.

Except on the Internet!

It makes me wonder if those who experience mental illness, just tend to be more open minded!

What are your thoughts and experiences with getting to know people who are more openminded?

What Does “One Day At A Time” Mean In The Scheme Of Things?

I like to feel like I am making progress, so I think about the idea of “one day at a time.”

It’s not always the case that I am making progress, and a lot of times, whatever work I am doing, ends up in the toilet.

So, I say it. A lot of us probably say it—“one day a time.”

Saying this seems to be helpful on the one hand, but on the other, it doesn’t seem to do any good whatsoever!

Anyway, this is my 250th post. 🙂

What about an alternate saying for “one day at a time?” Any ideas?

High-Functioning Mental Illness Is More Than Stress Management

I am working on purging more of the “unhealthy” in favor of being even “healthier.”

Some things that won’t go away are the descriptors of my symptoms. I will always do my best to describe what it is I am feeling.

I’d like to think I have high EQ or emotional intelligence.

Thus, all the detail.

I want to do better at describing what I go through though!

Maybe I’m doing OK at conveying things right now, but I intend on saying even more in the future. When and where I can.

As far as other unhealthy things I’m purging, I did mention in a previous post that I am no longer participating in political discussions. That is something that has been hurting me, and I’ve not taken my pain seriously enough.

In addition to these things, I will continue to be my kind and caring self.

Have a great day/night!