More On The Struggle

I’d like to say that all is peachy, but I am writing from the perspective of the “struggle.”

And, I wonder if it will ever just “go away,” knowing full-well that I have life-long issues.

So, why hope? Why care?

Tackling the hope situation…

I am beginning to think hoping is just a waste of time.

So, what then to replace “hope?”

Perhaps, “patience” is a better word.

Okay, I will try and be patient… I have been patient for many years, as it pertains to my illness. So, I can continue with that!

Onto care…

I care. Sometimes a bit too much. But, always with the intention that I want things to be better.

All told… I know that many of my sad feelings are only temporary, but so are a lot of my content ones.

I truly have to take life an hour at a time.

How about you?

The Struggle Is Real…

I remember one of the first times I heard this statement.

And, it rubbed me the wrong way!

Granted, I was with some people that I ended up not caring for.

But, the idea that anytime this statement is made, it is made in a facetious fashion!

So, I guess I just don’t get it. I don’t understand every day, ordinary people!

What is it about every day, ordinary people that you don’t get/understand?

What Does “One Day At A Time” Mean In The Scheme Of Things?

I like to feel like I am making progress, so I think about the idea of “one day at a time.”

It’s not always the case that I am making progress, and a lot of times, whatever work I am doing, ends up in the toilet.

So, I say it. A lot of us probably say it—“one day a time.”

Saying this seems to be helpful on the one hand, but on the other, it doesn’t seem to do any good whatsoever!

Anyway, this is my 250th post. 🙂

What about an alternate saying for “one day at a time?” Any ideas?

I Want To Die, But For Now, I Will See This Thing Through

Do you ever feel like you want to die?

I do.

When the stress piles on, I see just how unequipped I am for dealing with it.

I’ve come along way with my coping skills, but I still struggle a lot.

This is not the kind of struggle that I can just get over.

I haven’t given up, and I don’t plan to give up. Not anytime soon that is.

So, some of you may wonder what keeps me from giving up?

I have a goal, and no matter how unrealistic it seems some days, I am working on that goal.

But, if my health takes a deep dive (which it could), I might feel entirely different about sticking around.

So, for now, it’s one day at a time for me.