What Are You Good At?

I am unusual for someone who deals with schizophrenia, in that in many instances, I am good with people. It hasn’t always been this way, and things were a lot tougher, when I had next to no awareness that the way I dealt with people was a strength. In the past, I’d attract all sorts […]

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I Can Figure This Out!

For the past several years, I’ve been working to figure many things out. I have this attitude that I will get it figured out, and one way or another, I will shine! It’s rather difficult at times though, because it isn’t always so easy working through things. Like, for instance, my family situation. It just […]

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Denzel Washington Quotes

When Denzel Washington won the Outstanding Actor In a Motion Picture Award in 2002 (I believe it was for Training Day through the Screen Actors Guild), he said the following things, which I find quite helpful to anyone who wants to be great in any endeavor: “Fall Down Seven Times Get Up Eight.” “Ease Is […]

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