I Can’t Hardly Take It

The chaos I am experiencing is immense. I just want to lie down and have it all go away. I am writing this here, as a way of expressing the strong dissatisfaction I have with the way we are politically and socially in the U.S., and because of how it all affects my mental illness. […]

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Ruminating On My Shitty Family

Before I get started, I want you all to know, that I am practicing kindness towards my shitty family. That said, the devastation that poverty brings is significant! As I look back at growing up with my cousins and all of their parents (on one side of the family), I am reminded of the horrors […]

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Family Toxicity

I have 20 family members that I am now preventing from seeing my Facebook posts. I’m also not looking at theirs either. Life is better this way. There are only a few decent people in the mix, with the majority of my family being toxic. I have tried to cultivate relationships with many of my […]

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