I Started Out An Empath And Ended Up Empathic

The difference is I’ve hardened up a bit!

By having poor boundaries (not knowing better early on), I was highly susceptible to being taken advantage of!

And, I was… several times…

Today, though… after many run-ins with toxic people and a few narcissists, I now know better!

That’s not a challenge, blogosphere… it’s just a statement that I am learning, along the way in life, which is the way life’s supposed to work! 🙂

I Struggle With My Social Media Accounts

Especially Facebook!

I do not like how there are so many people on there, who oppose me.

Where I live in the Midwestern United States, that’s to be expected…

My family and friends don’t get it, and I am rather sick of posting my ideas to idiots!

Since I am not able to volunteer or go to a regular job, meeting more openminded individuals, has escaped me.

Except on the Internet!

It makes me wonder if those who experience mental illness, just tend to be more open minded!

What are your thoughts and experiences with getting to know people who are more openminded?

I Can’t Hardly Take It

The chaos I am experiencing is immense.

I just want to lie down and have it all go away.

I am writing this here, as a way of expressing the strong dissatisfaction I have with the way we are politically and socially in the U.S., and because of how it all affects my mental illness.

I want life to be better… a whole lot smoother… so, if and when this happens, we can all be grateful!

Right now, the only things I have gratitude for, are the basics.

Maybe that’s all I can be happy about, but it’s not near enough!!!

Ruminating On My Shitty Family

Before I get started, I want you all to know, that I am practicing kindness towards my shitty family.

That said, the devastation that poverty brings is significant!

As I look back at growing up with my cousins and all of their parents (on one side of the family), I am reminded of the horrors of growing up poor.

All of the adults in this dynamic were employed, but none of them had an education.

Personally, I feel as though if you want to work, you shouldn’t be making total peanuts. Education or no education.

Moving on…

None of my family ever reaches out to me or anyone I am close to.

I’ve done plenty of reaching out on my own, but they just do not reciprocate.

It’s sad; and, I personally blame poor role models, a lack of desire for healing/personal development, as well as (of course), all of us growing up impoverished.

I mean, is it normal to only see one another at the “more important” funerals?

Weddings are also overlooked.

And, sadly, I think that this is fast becoming the way that it is!

Maybe it’s just me, but I wonder…

How did you all grow up, and how do you get along with your (close and extended) family today?

Family Toxicity

I have 20 family members that I am now preventing from seeing my Facebook posts. I’m also not looking at theirs either.

Life is better this way.

There are only a few decent people in the mix, with the majority of my family being toxic.

I have tried to cultivate relationships with many of my cousins, for example, and no one seems interested in having a relationship.

Just a lot of dysfunction, and I’m no longer having it.

I work on myself, and yes, I will be cordial when seeing family members. But, that’s the extent that my kindness will reach.