My Oldest Regret: That I Was Not As Good As Them Then

What do I mean?

I wish I wasn’t plagued with severe mental illness, and wish I had a lot more control over my day to day.

After my first series of psychotic breaks, I neglected to take medication for two plus years.

It was during that time that I was at university, and knew that I was different. Profoundly different… in retrospect.

I was walking around in the world and was actually quite ill. And, I was without meds.

My experience went unnoticed. If for no one else for sure, but me.

University is an interesting time for many, but I wasn’t able to make healthy connections for the life of me!

And, my performance at university was bad!

I graduated with the bare minimum GPA of 2.4.

My attempts at being social usually equated to self-medicated alcohol binges. And, a lot of embarrassment!

Today, I know my oldest regret was that I wasn’t as good as them back then.

I didn’t have to be like them. I did need to make my college experience more within the range of what “I” needed though.

I needed to make my college experience more about my future… a future that is now seriously fucked!

Yes. A lot of what I describe in this post may seem “normal” for that period of time in someone’s life… but I was and continue to be severely mentally ill.

Regrets? Yeah, I’ve had a few.

How about you and some of your regrets? Would you care to share a few?

I Have A Four-Year Degree In Psychology

And, I worked in some psychology-related jobs while attending college.

However, I remember next to nothing about the subject matter, except I can tell you all about my lived experiences with chronic mental illness.

I do read psych articles most days of the week, and I enjoy doing so!

The majority of my knowledge of psych, again, has to do with my lived experiences with mental health issues.

So, when I write something for the blog, I’d like for you to know that, without a doubt, it is coming from something I, myself, have been through.

Life doesn’t appear easy—for many people—but, I believe life is particularly difficult for people with chronic health conditions.

What are your thoughts on the challenges of people with mental health issues vs. those who seemingly have none?